About Us

What is Drunken Mantis?
Drunken Mantis is an online-first liquor store, dedicated to providing the widest range of liquor brands at the best prices, to the most sophisticated drinkers in Malaysia. We are the exclusive online-based partner of DingX Sdn Bhd, a licensed liquor vendor based in Klang Valley.
Drunken Mantis began its early days selling high quality liquor to long-time customers of DingX Drinks via WhatsApp. As our clientele grew over time, the idea of selling liquor via a dedicated online shop was born. It was an efficient solution to solve the problem of growing demand.

What is DingX Drinks?
The founder of DingX is a family with a rich history of selling high quality liquor. For two generations, the family dealt with suppliers and sold to loyal customers, and have built a strong and respectable reputation within the industry. Having built a strong network of connections with various liquor distributors and suppliers, as well as a huge following of loyal customers, the family took a leap of faith and started a wholesale store in early 2020.
Since its inception, DingX has received nothing but raving reviews from its clientele. The founders are dedicated to maximizing the happiness and satisfaction of every customer who walks into their store. With a wide range of liquor brands, sold at competitive prices, DingX's customers can enjoy their favourite drinks, without having to break the bank.



Our Location

LOT 2570 Tingkat 3, Jalan Sungai Jati, 41200 Klang Selangor D. E.

03-33821682 / +60 16-291 7510

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